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The Author

Hellenic Democratic Initiative Forum at State Library of Victoria

Hellenic Democratic Initiative Forum at State Library of Victoria

Christian Fernanto Raspa is a Criminologist and Political Scientist. He has completed his Bachelor of Arts with majors in Criminology and International Political Sciences at the University of Melbourne.

He is currently undergoing a Masters course in the area of Criminology.

He is interested in many areas of criminology including:

  • Terrorism
  • Drugs
  • Crime Prevention
  • Human Trafficking
  • Global Criminology
  • The Nexus between Crime and Economy

His interests in Political Sciences lie in:

  • Corruption
  • Political Economy
  • Political Systems
  • Theoretical Political Debates

Due to his Greek background, Fernanto Raspa is rather interested in the current phenomena experienced and witnessed in Greece.

However, as a citizen of the world, he is fascinated by the dilemmas posed by globalisation and he takes interdisciplinary approaches to tackle both local and global issues.

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